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Stretch marks can really spoil the look and feel of your body. If you have just lost a lot of weight and have become slim, these stretch marks can prove to be a nuisance on your skin. For those who are looking for a reliable and valid option to try in order to get rid of their stretch marks, Skinception stretch mark cream provides a strong case for usage.

The cream has garnered positive reviews from thousands of customers, and a lot of people have stated their satisfaction at the effectiveness with which this solution deals with stretch marks. However, word of mouth information isn’t really reliable when we are talking about blemish removal and skin care creams. A lot of you might be thinking whether this product is actually as effective as it claims to be, and now you have the chance! We have compiled a detailed review of the Skinception Intensive Mark Therapy Cream, one of the best options available in the market.

Product Description

The producer of the formula is Leading Edge Health, and a month’s worth of supply can be purchased for a measly price of just $33 (depending on the special offer you choose). The main purpose of this product is to repair the damage that has been caused to the skin by stretch marks, as well as make sure that no further marks occur. The Skinception stretch mark cream is created purely from natural products, and is completely safe for use by pregnant as well as non- pregnant women; it is perfect for those who have problems pertaining to stretch marks. First, it softens the area, and then lightens the stretch marks, until finally they appear completely.


Skinception makes use of a variety of herbal and natural ingredients in order to enhance the production of collagen and elastin in the body, which ultimately help in the removal of these marks. The increased amount of collagen and elastin will ultimately restore balance to the ‘dermal matrix’. Once that balance is completely restored, your skin will begin to glow on its own!

Because the product works actively to not only remove the stretch marks, but also restore elasticity to the skin, you won’t have to deal with any further cases of Striae. If your stretch marks of a different color than your skin, it will also work to even out the color tone in that area. Ultimately, continued use will result in unblemished, soft and smooth skin.

The formula makes use of Darutoside as the primary active ingredient. This ingredient has been known to reduce the length of striae by more than fifty percent. There are numerous other ingredients that are used as well, such as Pro- Collone, Pro- Sveltyl, etc. After just a few weeks’ use of the Skinception Intensive stretch mark cream, the results will become apparent.

The company that produces the product is confident enough to provide a 90 day risk free trial period for all residents of the United States, which provides the perfect option for people to take advantage of. For expectant mothers, Leading Edge Marketing is also providing an excellent nine month package, where the company provides a tenth bottle completely free of charge.

For those who are not completely satisfied with the results that they have achieved using the product, they can opt for a complete ‘no questions asked’ refund, within ninety days and a week of the purchase, or 97 days. Moreover, you also get the shipping and handling refunded as well. A lot of the manufacturers are usually loath to providing such money back guarantees, but such is the success ratio of the formula that the producers are happy to provide their customers with complete peace of mind when using this cream.

Product Disadvantages

The availability of this medicine is only via online stores; Unfortunately, this effective lotion is not available through any of the drug stores that might be located in your vicinity. This might prove to be a problem for some people, as they would have to wait a few days until the product is delivered to them. However, even though the distribution proves to be a minor hindrance, the company aims to rectify the situation by providing numerous discounts, bonuses as well as free shipping to compensate for any delays that you might experience.


All in all, the Skinception stretch mark cream is a great product that has achieved very positive scores from all the people who have chosen to try it. Very few creams are able to work so effectively and with such speed on the skin and help in removing stretch marks this quickly. Moreover, the special discount currently available can help save as much as $300 and get between $60 and $80 of free gifts. Depending on the special you choose you can easily get a top level stretch marks removal cream without having to leave the comforts of your own home.

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